A great way to get involved with Least Of These, Inc. is through the many events that are held throughout the year. For a list of upcoming events, please click on the "Learn More" button below.
See below for more information.
Are you and your family in need of food assistance? Least Of These, Inc. is the only full-service food pantry in Christian County. If you are in need and live in Christian County, Missouri, we can help you. For more information, click below.
  • ​​Any taxpayer making a monetary donation to Least Of These may receive a credit up to $2,500 per taxpayer per year.

Want to help your hungry neighbors in need?  You can donate your time by serving as a volunteer.  Your monetary gifts are very much appreciated a necessary for Least Of These, Inc. to continue to serve our clients.  For more information, click below.

Cut your Missouri State Taxes up to $5,000 with Missouri Food Pantry Tax Credits

Missouri Food Pantry Tax Credits​

  • Contact Least Of These at 417.724.2500 for more information.
  • Donate to Least Of These, Inc. Christian County Food Pantry and receive an up to  50% tax credit through your Missouri State Tax Return.